.... more about Vicki Heacock

Vicki considers herself a songwriter first. She writes verses to melodies about personal experiences, of friends, of family of the good times and tunes to comfort her through the tragic times. It's all about life. That's what "Take Back the Night" is about.

In 2013, Vicki’s children, parents and a community of friends in Fenelon Falls supported and encouraged a trip to Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music to a weeklong song writing workshop called Song Studio. Vicki wrote a song and was pleasantly surprised when she was presented with the "Excellence In Song Writing Award". That was the icing on the cake and the inspiration to continue to write.

At age 12 she started to play guitar so that the melodies in her head could be put to music. Growing up at the family cottage in Haliburton, Ontario, learning to live off the grid was something her dad insisted on. The sunsets were beautiful over the lake and the night brought campfires, kerosene lanterns and music.

Vicki’s Dad always ended up playing "Me and My Teddy Bear" [J. Fred Coots] and each family member had to fill in a verse of their own. The verses never had to rhyme but sounded much better when they did.

Later on in 2013 Vicki wrote a theme song called "Take Back the Night" for the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre. ‘Take Back the Night Event’. This song is dedicated to all survivors, where freedom is answered prayer.

Today, Vicki is in the studio to polish her skills in preparation to present her tunes for global distrubution. She is supported by family, friends and musical colleagues. She is also playing some live events, most recently at Hugh's Room in Toronto. Stay tuned and look for Vicki performing at an event near you in the upcoming months.